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Have you enjoyed of your horse during so many years adn you become worry on what to do with him/her at the of his/her sport life?
Would you like to send him to a place where he can spend plenty of hours away in the prairies and paddocks or even days and nights?
Are you searching a livery where there willl be also other retired horses that request the same level of care?
Has your horse been very serious injured not allowing him to continue jumping etc?
GreenGates Resort for horses is the ideal place for the retirement of your horse.

Strategically located in the city of Burgos, Northern Spain, crossroad of international motorways and highway, our new 120,000 sqm2 resort is just 4 minutes from the highway, Exit Km238 of the route Madrid/French border.
GreenGates Resort for Horses is not a sport center with showjumping/dressage arenas, etc. It is oriented just to the wealth of sport horses and their teams of grooms, drivers, etc. It is located in a greeny valley with plenty of prairies of all sizes, door to door with the Protected Area of Monastery of La Cartuja.
Across the years, we have gained experience in dealing with our sport horses in Spain and Belgium and learning from owners, riders and grooms to create this innovative project.

Why we are different?
Upon arrival, specific plan for each horse, (number of hours per day outside, overnight in box, change of food from horsefood to grass, etc depending of the duration of its stay at GreenGates.

New large boxes in wood of 3,5x3,5 meters, with front and back doors with individual paddocks in the back side), showers, saddlery, control of temperature of drinkers. The best isolation for both, hot summers and cold winters.

12 hectares of paddocks, prairies of all sizes, with automatic drinkers, including special prairies and paddocks for stallions. Going out with boots and depending on weather conditions with blankets, or mask and blanket antimosquitoes.

Security. Closed areas, and online access to client to our webcameras. And regular information to clients.

Horse track walker, and circular cover (early January 2018), cleaning of blankets.

Sustainable livery producing its own hey, straws.

Qualified team of grooms, manager, vet and farrier.

Competitive fares. Bookings: +32475 766 100 Ramón García-Gallardo (English, French, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish) or send us an email to ragarciagallardo


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